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Welcome to Justin's world.

students collaborating on coding project

Hi, I’m Justin.  Some of you may know me already — maybe we met at a camp fair, or at one of the iD Tech Camps locations that I run, or maybe it was at one of our training sessions.  For those of you who I haven’t yet gotten an opportunity to meet, I’m one of the Regional Managers here at iD.  I am responsible for camps which are mostly located in the southeastern part of the country.

I’ll be writing some blog entries here on the internalDrive website, so if there is a topic you’d like to hear about, let me know!  My interests include video games and gaming (especially RPGs!), playing guitar (and Guitar Hero III), soccer, web design, photography, and filmmaking, to name a few.  I’m also going to be creating some tutorials on some of the basics of file usage and importing and exporting with different software.

I’m always asking myself questions, and for those who have met me at camp, I tend to ask a lot of questions there, too.  I think that is one way to keep improving.  “How can this be better?  What sort of things do people find the most interesting?”  These are a couple of questions that I tend to ask of our iD Tech Camps summer campers when I get the chance to check out their projects.

I can’t wait for summer!