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Weekly Snapshot: Summer Camp Photos from July 18, 2014


Welcome to the seventh installment of our Summer 2014 Weekly Snapshot! Check back each Friday for a handful of excellent camp photos from coast to coast!

Enjoy some of our favorite photos from this week:


"SONY DSC                     "
Museum tour at iD Programming Academy!


july18 2
Happy in the labs!


july18 3
Alexa Cafe is awesome!


july18 4
Making memories!


july18 5
Bringing the “cool!”


july18 6
Paint tag!


Costume party!


Best buds!


Zombie day!


The collegiate life!


july18 11


july18 12
Serious photography skills!


july18 13
Lots of laughs!


Thinking of enrolling or adding a week? There’s still a little space left, but not for long! Join the fun at iD Tech Camps for ages 7-17, or iD Programming Academy, iD Game Design & Development Academy, or iD Film Academy for teens ages 13-18. Check availability in your area.

Campers–what was your favorite part of the week? Tell us in the comments below!

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