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Weekly Snapshot: Summer Camp Photos from August 7, 2014

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Welcome to the 10th installment of our Summer 2014 Weekly Snapshot! Check back each Friday for a handful of awesome camp photos from across the nation!

Some of our favorite shots from this week:


aug7 1
New pals!


 Goofing around!


aug7 3


aug7 4
Hanging out in the labs!


aug7 5
Thumb wars!


aug7 6
Big smiles!


aug7 7
Praying mantis pose!


High energy!


Game time!


aug7 10
Photoshop fun!


aug7 11
Robotics engineering!


aug7 12
Photo shoots around campus!


aug7 13
Abbey Road?!


aug7 14
Reading break!


aug7 15
Friends forever!


Only 2 weeks left of camp, but there’s still a little space left! Check availability in your area and join the fun. It’s not too late to enter the new school year with tech confidence!

Campers–what was the best part of your week? Tell us below!