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Weekly Snapshot: Summer Camp Photos from August 15, 2014

Welcome to the 11th installment of our Summer 2014 Weekly Snapshot! Only one more week to go until our summer camps come to a close for the summer!

Some shots from this week that we love:


aug15 1
New pals!


aug15 2


aug15 3
Hanging out on campus!


aug15 4
Awesome instructors!


aug15 5


aug15 6
Game time!


aug15 7
Tech learning!


aug15 8
Outdoor fun!


aug15 9
Goofing around!


aug15 10
Ice cream outing!


aug15 11
Exploring campus!


aug15 12
Fun with proportions!


aug15 13
High energy!


aug15 13


aug15 14
Tour of Yahoo!


aug15 15
Afternoon snacks!


aug15 16
Water fight fun!


aug15 17


Only one more week of camp to go! Stop by next week to check out our final roundup of camp photos from our summer 2014 season!

Campers–what was the best part of your week? Tell us below!




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