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Weekly Snapshot: Summer Camp Photos from August 1, 2014


Welcome to the ninth installment of our Summer 2014 Weekly Snapshot! Check back each Friday for a handful of awesome camp photos from across the nation!

Some of our faves from this week:


aug1 1
New pals!


aug1 2
Gorgeous day at Yale!


aug1 3
 Music break!


aug1 4
Team huddle!


Hanging out on the campus lawn!


aug1 6
Top bananas!


aug1 7
Photoshop fun!


aug1 8
Waiting for the train!


Zombie conga line!


aug1 10
Taking a ride!


aug1 11
Enjoying the campus atmosphere!


aug1 12
On the way to the dining hall!


aug1 13
By the seashore!


aug1 14
Historic monuments!


aug1 15
Serious leapfrog!


Fun & games!


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Campers–what was the best part of your week? Tell us below!