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Keeping with our "Do Something Big" theme, Genevieve Anderson came to camp as a 17 year old hoping to learn more about Web Design & Flash® Animation but came away with a lot more. She now is thinking about majoring in Web Design in college! Not only that, she used what she learned at iD Tech Camps to improve her online vintage clothing website.

Read below to learn more about Genevieve and how she's doing something BIG after having attended our iD Tech Camps.

iD: How many seasons have you attended iD Tech Camps?

Genevieve: This year was my first year!

iD: Where are you from?

G: Roanoke, Virginia

iD: Which iD location did you attend?

G: University of Virginia

iD: What course(s) have you enrolled in?

G: Web Design & Flash Animation

iD: What do you do for fun when you aren't at our computer camp?

G: Besides high school, I play steel drums, travel abroad and manage my online vintage clothing business with my sisters.

iD: Does coming to iD help you improve in other aspects of your life besides technology?

G: Yes! I learned to be a better leader and to be more independent.

iD: Is iD a good place to make friends? Why?

G: Yes, everyone is very friendly and nice.

iD: What are your future goals? Will you be attending college?

G: I am applying to the University of Virginia, Emerson College, Boston College, Suffolk University in Boston, Columbia College and Roosevelt University in Chicago.

iD: How has iD impacted these goals?

G: I am considering majoring in Web Design.

iD: What's your favorite tech gadget?

G: My cell phone -- I am a teenager!

iD: What's the #1 way you communicate with your friends?

G: Texting

iD: Why would you keep coming back to iD?

G: Because it's a fun way to learn and get great website and graphic design advice!

iD: Any advice for future iD Tech campers?

G: Be sure you come prepared to meet new people and have lots of fun while learning some new stuff!

iD: Anything else you'd like to add?

G: Coming to iD Tech Camps helped me so much with the look and function of my online vintage clothing business! Before I came to camp, my website was pretty good. But the counselors really helped me add some great interactive features. I learned how to link pages and added Flash animation to my website. Thanks for everything!

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