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Video Game Creation and How You Can Benefit

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Last week I made mention of an interesting video game study that outlines the creative assistance video games bestows on the kids and teens who play them.  I hinted at the point that if playing games is beneficial, imagine the advantage gained for those who learn to make a video game.

Now, with the release of the highly-anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, consider how lucrative the game might end up being, and what that means for those looking to break into the industry with their own video game development aspirations.


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Activision’s Call of Duty franchise is already one of the highest grossing entertainment franchises of all time – note that is “entertainment,” not solely video game franchises.  It’s been mentioned that MW3 could out-earn Titanic (a movie that produced more than a billion dollars).  Not to mention that Black Ops, the Call of Duty release before MW3, earned $360 million during its first day of sales – four times more than what the latest Harry Potter brought in its first day.

Anyway, it’s clear that a game with a winning formula can garner huge earnings – there are 8 Call of Duty games in all.  Pretty inspiring stuff for anyone out there who wants to take their video game experience to the next level; not only playing for hours on end, but creating video games of their own, and reaping the benefits in terms of creativity and potential careers down the road.

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