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Every summer, iD Tech is lucky enough to offer camps in a number of different cities and states. One excellent byproduct of such expansion is learning about local STEM events, happenings, and initiatives; each with the goal of keeping students informed and excited about all things science, technology, engineering, and math.

So since we are now offering tech camps in Utah, I've most recently become acquainted with Utah STEM Fest, a 3-day event dedicated to fueling imagination and harnessing innovation among Utah students and educators.

What is STEM Fest?

Hands-on experiences. Check. Imagination-sparking exhibitions. Yes. Learning disguised as fun. Of course! The aim of the event is to get students familiar with STEM, while taking that introduction further by giving kids and teens a glimpse into related career opportunities. Interactive displays will be hosted by the Museum of Natural Curiosity, Clark Planetarium, Living Planet Aquarium, and others.

And the event isn't just for the benefit of kids. There is plenty of opportunity for educators to obtain student project and curriculum ideas, en route to learning how to better communicate the value behind STEM (and connecting the dots between what is learned in classroom and real world opportunities).

“STEM Fest will give kids a peek into the future at the cool STEM-based jobs and technology right here in Utah,” said Troy Holmberg, director of Engineering Good and Social Innovation at US Synthetic, in a recent event press release. “Every student will be assigned a real STEM job as their identity for the day. They will come away inspired to acquire the STEM skills they need to compete for these jobs."

Who Can Attend?

7th and 8th grade students can attend March 25th to March 27th (and are being encouraged to do so as part of a class field trip). STEM Fest will also be open to the public from 2-8PM on March 27th.  There are multiple levels of sponsorship opportunities available, as well.

What Else?

One of my favorite parts about an event like this is seeing just how far the term "STEM" stretches. Flight simulators, underwater and aerial vehicle operation, a space simulator, race cars, robots, and more. These probably aren’t the first subjects you think of when you think STEM, but you can't deny the excitement involved.

“We hope to dispel the common misperceptions about STEM-based jobs that they are ‘too hard’ or ‘uncool’ or ‘not for girls’ etc. There is something for everyone to ignite imaginations and stimulate curiosity," says Holmberg.

Nearly 13,000 Students are expected to attend to event held at Utah Valley University. In addition to exhibitions and displays, there will be live music, performance art, and much more.

Those interested in checking out the Utah STEM summer camp landscape can refer to the Utah.gov list of summer opportunities or visit iD Tech Camps held at the University of Utah.

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