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Using X-Code for iPhone & iApps?

instructor helping student at computer tech camp

Developing apps and widgets for the iPhone, Facebook, etc. is hot right now.  There is keen interest in developing the skill set to enable the development of these apps.

Our client services department recently received an email from a client looking to register for the iD Programming Academy.  The client wanted to know if the skills learned at our summer camp will be transferable to a MAC working with X-code for the iPhone (specifically developing iApps).

Here is the answer, unedited, from our curriculum developer

Skills learned at iDPA are definitely transferable to X-Code.

The iD Programming Academy curriculum starts off with a brush up of programming basics and

then we jump right into programming of graphical user interfaces using

the Swing framework for Java™ and/or .NET for C#. Both frameworks are

extremely similar to Apple’s iPhone SDK (software development kit) used

to write iPhone applications on the Mac platform using X-Code. Students

will also learn how to create 3D graphics and animations using OpenGL, a

technology that is also integrated into Apple’s iPhone SDK. In summary,

the iD Programming Academy is the best fit for this student.

The iD Programming Academy is offered at Stanford University, and is almost sold out.

iD Tech Camps also offers programming camps in both C++ and Java™ at locations across the country.  The goal here is to create the next generation of computer science students.  Have fun.  Get interested.  Learn to program!

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    Why do you spell “Mac” “MAC”. It’s not “MAC”. It’s a Mac. Always has been; since 1984 Apple has sold Macs.

  • Pete


    That’s a fine eye, and I’ve updated the content for you.