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Unlimited Creativity: Google's "Made with Code" Is a Hit with Girls


In an effort to inspire the next generation of female coders, Google has launched “Made with Code,” an online campaign and learning platform for girls. Designed to highlight the endless creative possibilities of coding, Made with Code features projects such as 3D bracelet design (with free printing and shipping by Shapeways), 2D character design, GIF animation, music beats, and more. While simplistic, these online activities could easily serve as a gateway for girls to discover more involved programming. The first step can be the most important!

The $50 million dollar launch of Made with Code came just a few weeks after Google publicly revealed that only 17% of its technical staff is female. But it’s not just Google—the same problem is reflected across the tech industry, compounded by the fact that only 14% of US computer science majors are women. It’s promising to see a high-profile company like Google own up to a widespread problem, and actively work to remedy it. According to Google, “If women aren’t represented in technology, their ideas, concerns, and designs won’t be included when we create the cities, cars, infrastructure, medicines, communications, companies, and governments of tomorrow.” We can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to the futures of our girls.

Made with Code has been making waves worldwide since the June launch. With supporters like Chelsea Clinton, Mindy Kaling (pictured above), the MIT Media Lab, Girl Scouts, Girls Inc., Techcrunch, and many more, it’s no surprise. When it comes to online coding options for girls, Made with Code is an exciting and powerful starting point. Try it here!

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