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University of Central Florida Guest Blogger: Keeping iD Green

instructor helping student at computer tech camp

At iD Tech Camps UCF, we take various measures to stay green. Whenever we leave our labs, whether it be for lunch or an activity, we power down all the computers, including the monitors and speakers. Also, we always turn off the lights.

We’ve minimized the number of garbage bags we use to one a week for all the overnight campers’ trash. Although we’re in Florida (it’s hot and humid), we try to respect the amount of energy the dorm room Air Conditioners use by not setting them on the High settings. Finally, we have been successfully recycling our, as well as the campers’ families, old ink cartridges and cell phones.


reuse drinking cups

Next, we reuse, as much as possible, all our drinking cups.


walking to work instead of driving

Our commuter staff has taken to walking to work instead of driving, despite the heat.


iD Tech be green certificates

Be Green!


iD Tech students playing chess

Low-power-consumption game: Checkmate!


iD Tech at UCF, we salute you! Way to go! Keep it up! Thanks for making iD Tech Camps greener. We thank you and so does the planet. Every little bit helps, and you are doing your part!