UC Santa Cruz Guest Blogger: iD Greening

iD Tech in action

UCSC the Greenest of them all


Motion Sensing Lights minimizes on time.

Nathan Green aka Acquired has written a script that controls all start up and shutdown of computers in the lab. This minimizes power draw.


All rooms have compact fluorescent bulbs (Maximum light and minimum energy use.)

All instructors have switched to Biodegradable Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap.

Showers are once daily. Toilets are low volume flush toilets.

Additive and dye free laundry detergent has been provided for staff. Staff combines laundry to minimize loads and energy usage. We used an empty dorm room to air dry our clothes.


Vegetarian and Vegan options are encouraged.

“Only take what you are going to eat” rule strictly enforced and rewarded.

“Salad and Vegetable” plates earned for tickets.


We separate and recycle cans, glass and plastic. Paper is sorted into mixed, color and white. Everything is then placed in its proper recycling bin.

Only 1-2.5 gallon jugs of water are used. After initial use they are refilled with filled water found on campus.

No disposable plates or plastic ware is used.


All overnight snacks are organic and purchased in bulk.

Director Skip Intro drives a 1985 Mercedes 300 SD powered by 100% recycled vegetable oil.

Laser aka Diane Ko drives a Hyundai Accent powered completely by love and appreciation.

We push Acquired aka Nathan Green’s 1992 Ford Explorer around = total manpower.

All Camp staff have declared a “Steel Strike” and will not shave this summer.


Our lush and large campus assures that any CO2 we produce is turned into chlorophyll.

Lab to dorm walk is 1 mile. Overnight campers get a minimum of 3 miles walking per day! Day campers get 1.5miles not including afternoon outdoor activities.

Afternoon nature hikes are an option to campers. They are environmentally and historically informative.

This document is 90% true and recycled information.

iD Tech Camps at UCSC, we salute you!  Way to go!  Keep it up!  (Even if it is only 90% true).  Thanks for making iD Tech Camps greener.  We thank you and so does the planet.  Every little bit helps, and you are doing your part!


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Pete has been at the helm of iD since 2000. He resides in Silicon Valley. Pete has a love of design and is passionate about creating memorable experiences for kids. By day he is CEO, by night he is a youth soccer coach and chef of the house. Pete studied at UW in Seattle and worked abroad in Spain. He is fluent in Spanish, but his kids think otherwise. The best part of the job? Seeing the kids advance from tech novices to studying at top Universities and landing big-time jobs.

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