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True Heroes!

girl holding ipad taking group selfie

This just in! In case you didn’t know, we inked a deal to use Guitar Hero 2 at all of our 50 locations for 2007. What does this mean? Well, of course, we have to test the product first and take it for a spin.

Below is Captain Curry again. He’s always first to the scene. Nines is accompanying The Captain on bass…I think. These are the true heroes of iD…those that day in and day out test and retest all of the equipment before it goes out to camp. Nines, you are so serious. When I get back, I am lead vocals, I promise. That should cheer you up.

At the end of the day, we’re all just a bunch of grown up kids at iD. We love to work, but we love to play. OK, enough playing, let’s get back to work, people!

playing guitar hero 2 in the office

For those of you that are more traditional and don’t use cell phones or iPods, we just might look to send out ukuleles to each of our camps. Here’s my oldest son playing the ukulele. Is that a ukulele? He might be a leftie.

Pete's son playing ukulele

OK, my wife just called and told me my time was up, so I have to sign off. Until we meet again, Nation! Be safe.