Trip to iD Tech Headquarters: Part 2

iD Tech in action

Welcome to the exciting continuation of “Trip to iD Tech Headquarters”. If you are just tuning in let me bring you up to speed. We are the annual iD Tech Paella party, hosted by none other than CEO Big Pete himself.  Every year at this event my department, the regional managers, play a big prank on Pete. So what was the prank this year?

Our weapon of choice: little green army men, approximately 1,000 of them

Our mission: secretly fill every nook-and-cranny of Pete’s house with them

While Pete was distracted cooking Paella and dancing the “eclectic slide” my cohorts and I rotated in and out of Pete’s house, with pockets full of little green army men. Here are some photo’s from our embedded reporters:

However it doesn’t stop there! Under the cover of darkness, at around midnight, a special “Delta Force” of soldiers was mobilized and invaded the iD Tech Headquarters! Though the assault on Pete’s house was fun, we out did ourselves in the office!!! Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of operation “Make Pete Crazy with 1,000 little Green Army Men” and see Pete’s reaction!

A photo of iD Tech

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