Trip to iD Tech Headquarters: Part 1

iD Tech in action

Hey guys, this is a very special blog entry as I’m writing you from the iD Tech Headquarters. Most of the year I work from a smaller satellite office in SoCal, but I frequently visit the headquarters in San Jose for company summits. This particular summit, is one of our most important as it is the last time the whole company will meet before camp. We’ll be setting many important policies to ensure a smooth and safe camp experience for student and their families but we’ll also be focusing on another important initiative: everyone having FUN! Can you believe that we have as much fun in headquarters as we do at our camps!? In fact, sometimes I have a hard time telling the two apart! Just like our camps, our company has a lot of fun quirks and traditions, here are just a few that I got photo’s of while at HQ.

One of our most classis traditions is our “acknowledgement” ceremonies. It is how we conclude most days at iD Tech Camps, giving students and staff the opportunity to “acknowledge” someone who they feel deserves recognition. Some are heartfelt and some are silly, many are both. There are many different way of conducting them, but all incorporate a top-secret thigh-slapping, hand clapping, finger snapping sequence (I think I just gave it away). Many of our students and staff probably don’t believe that we do this at headquarters, but we do! And we have a lot of fun doing it!

Here are some pictures of an acknowledgement ceremony lead by SoCal regional manager Jami:

Big Pete and Stefan, from accounting, rock-paper-scissors for who gets to give the next acknowledgment:

A more recent tradition was started by our Field Support mastermind, Nancy, which is our 3:00 Pilates (and occasionally yoga) session. That’s right, every day at 3:00 iD staff can participate in an optional Pilates session (though in my office that’s usually when we take a trip to See’s candy downstairs). Here are some pic’s:

While there, I took a moment to introduce our newest regional manager, Charlie, to some of the other staff at headquarters as he also works offsite:

Charlie meets Rick and Crystal from IT                 Charile with Nina from Strategic Programs

But, I’m leaving out the BIGGEST iD TRADITION of all: PRANKS. Every year Pete generously opens his house for a “Paella Night” party, where he cooks up some delicious Paella for the whole company. However, an integral part to this event is that every year my department, the regional managers, play a big prank on him!

In the past, we’ve covered his lawn with forks, stolen all of his shoes, toilet papered his house and even stolen his car, however I think the prank this year may take the cake!!! Tune in next week for pictures!

A photo of iD Tech

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