Summer is saved! Online programs are running now.

Your kids can experience the magic of iD Tech from the comfort of home. For ages 7-19.

Summer is saved! Online programs are running now.

Your kids can experience the magic of iD Tech from the comfort of home. For ages 7-19.

Top Summer Camp Questions – Answered!

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Beginning as early as November 1st, we receive a ton of questions about all-things summer camp—and rightly so, given the many reasons why summer camp matters, and the different available courses and options to choose from, there is a lot to be aware of!

So as we continue on through another week of summer fun at iD Tech, here is a brief camp FAQ consisting of those questions that seem to pop up more often than others.

Have other items on your mind? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy your summer!

Q: What could my child possibly get out of a video game camp?

Video games – like Minecraft – are actually valuable learning resources. It’s true! Don’t tell your child, but game-based learning with Minecraft and other titles teach skills spanning critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and more. The game is the vehicle for learning – and an engaging one at that – as kids and teens are building, creating, coding, modding, and designing in worlds with which they are already familiar, and thus thoroughly enjoy.

Q: Will my child be indoors, behind a computer all day/session?

The short answer is "no." The long answer is "noooooooooo." Seriously though, while students attend iD Tech to learn specific tech-related skills, we realize it is summer camp after all! With each day, campers will spend approximately 5 hours per day on the computer. The rest of the time they are engaging in more traditional summer camp activities—playing outdoor sports, board games, Capture-the-Flag, Frisbee, hanging out with friends, touring university campuses, and more.

Q: When will you offer a tech camp in my city/state?

We are always on the lookout for new potential camp locations—and are open to suggestions! Students from all over the nation attend our programs, and we’d love to make things easier on everyone by offering programs in as many cities as possible. While every city isn’t a possibility, each year we do add a handful of new locations—and even offer summer courses in brand new states…camps in Oregon and others in New Hampshire, for instance, are new additions for 2014. Of course, if attending camp in person isn’t feasible, there are online learning options through Where do you think iD Tech should go next?

Q: Who are your instructors and how do you select them?

All of our instructors are tech-savvy adults—we don’t employ counselors-in-training. Ever. And importantly, each and every one of them is passionate about STEM education and passing on their knowledge to your student. In terms of hiring and pre-camp preparation, we conduct rigorous selection and training procedures. Many staffers are recruited from the same prestigious universities that hold our camps. We constantly evaluate our staff, and we read every single end-of-camp evaluation where you critique them as well. 

Q: How much experience will my child realistically receive from just one week of instruction?

This one really depends on the student. A good question to ask beforehand is “what is the experience level of my son/daughter in their particular area of interest (coding, design, etc.)?” Are they at a beginner's level? Intermediate? Expert? Somewhere in between? Somewhere off the charts? From there, you can conduct a little more course research to find a good fit. For instance, did you know we list “Skill Level,” the “Top 10 Skills Gained” and “Our Recommendations?” on each course page? 

Q: What type of value will my student receive from camp?

First of all, learning at iD Tech is much different than learning at school. Not only is curriculum presented in a fun, unconventional, "un-school" manner (students have the freedom to create and build whatever comes to mind) but the experience is also personalized—your path, your pace. We are able to do so thanks to a guarantee of just 8 students per instructor.

In addition, curriculum is designed to promote 21st century skills, and those skills are immediately applicable to the real world, both inside and outside the classroom. Add in confidence-building, new friends, lasting memories, a custom iD t-shirt, an iD Diploma with instructor insights, a final project to take home, outdoor activities, access to online curriculum after camp, and so much more, and you’ll find attending iD Tech results in more than the typical camp experience.

So, questions answered? If not, feel free to comment or contact us. If yes, and you are ready to register, you should know that space is scarce! There are still a few seats available, however. Click here to register.

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