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iD Tech studentsWhen it comes to applying to college, some people turn to the U.S. News & World Report’s Top 25 List that comes out annually for guidance. Below is the Top 25 for 2009 in the “National Universities” category. According to U.S. News, “Schools in the National Universities category, such as Yale and UCLA, offer a full range of undergraduate majors, masters, and doctoral degrees. These colleges also are committed to producing groundbreaking research.”

Keep in mind that these are not necessarily the “most popular” colleges according to number of applicants. Numerous lists are compiled annually, including a list of the best smaller, liberal arts colleges. *Please note that some rankings came out as “tied” and therefore numbers may be repeated.

Why is any of this important? Well believe it or not, a school’s popularity and prestige plays a huge role in both the minds of the prospective students as well as the parents. With this in mind, iD Tech Camps and iD Teen Academies pride itself on offering students the opportunity to experience life on campus at many of the colleges below (and many more prestigious university locations that are not listed). Click below to learn more about the day camps and overnight camps we offer at the location of your choice.

Get a leg up on the competition and plan early!

1. Harvard University

2. Princeton University

3. Yale University

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4. Stanford University

6. California Institute of Technology

6. University of Pennsylvania

8. Columbia University

8. Duke University

8. University of Chicago

11. Dartmouth College

12. Northwestern University

12. Washington University in St. Louis

14. Cornell University

15. Johns Hopkins University

16. Brown University

17. Rice University

18. Emory University

18. University of Notre Dame

18. Vanderbilt University

21. University of California-Berkeley

22. Carnegie Mellon University

23. Georgetown University

23. University of Virginia

25. University of California-Los Angeles

You can find more university and college rankings from U.S. News here. You can also register for our camps or contact us with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you this summer at one of our 60 prestigious locations nationwide!

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