Top 10 Tech Gifts for Valentine's Day 2015

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Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is coming at you in less than a week! Over at, the holiday has become perfect excuse to bestow your loved ones with something techie, brainy, or super quirky. Minecraft baking set? Yes please...we're all about tech gifts for Valentine's Day. (Or any day, really.)

For your amusement and shopping pleasure, we've rounded up some real gems, sure to make someone in your life say "awww!" (or maybe raise an eyebrow...). Enjoy!

Best Tech Gifts for Valentine's Day

10. 8-Bit Rose


For the Princess Peach in your life.


9. Plush Kitten Bouquet


Not techie, but still amazing. Call me biased.


8. Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug


Pour in your favorite hot beverage and watch the pixellated heart turn bright red. Yay science!


7. 8-Bit Heart Charm Bead



A sweet, simple gesture, straight from your 8-bit heart.


6. Building Brick Slippers



Far superior to stepping on actual LEGOs.


5. Star Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towels


History's greatest sci-fi love story...coming soon to your parents' bathroom.


4. Build Your Own European-Style Charm Bracelet and Charm Beads


Themed charms from Star Trek, Star Wars, Zelda, Portal, Dr. Who...gotta catch em all.


3. Minecraft Cookie Cutters


Minecraft sweets with your sweet. Ssssssweet.


2. The Chocolution Exploration Kits


Not your typical box of truffles. "Explore the tastes, history, and magic of chocolate." Mmm k.

1. Bundle of Wuv


This one wins because it has a lot of stuff in it. Also note the Princess Bride reference (see below, jump to 0:37).

Parents, campers, staffers, and friends—we hope your V-Day is full of wuv!

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