Codebreaker: Three Brand-New Cryptography Courses We Can't Keep Secret

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If you’re not thinking about your summer plans for next year just yet, we’ve got some fantastic new courses that will make you want to solidify your schedule fast.

Our Education Department works year-round to stay on the cutting edge of technology, translating the newest and most fun innovations to camp for your child to enjoy, and this year is no different. Three of our most exciting new courses revolve around cryptography.

What Is Cryptography?

Despite what it sounds like, cryptography is not a secret society decipherable only by following a complicated trail of ancient books and famous art. Cryptography is the practice of techniques used to keep information secure as it travels from your computer or cell phone through wires and across the air. Cryptography protects personal information, like an armed guard making sure the data gets where it’s going safely.

Think of everything from the secret alphabet you developed to write notes to your second-grade best friend, to the complex algorithm used to secure your credit card information when you make an online purchase. Cryptography has to do with data confidentiality and integrity, identity authentication, and more.

So if your child finishes the sudoku or crossword puzzles faster than you do or makes up their own code language, cryptography might be for them. Read on to learn more about this fascinating field of study and find the course that’s perfect for their age and focus.

What Can My Student Do With Cryptography?

The employment opportunities for someone with skills in cryptography are vast, and will continue to grow in our data-driven world. In fact, career opportunities for mathematicians, of which cryptographers are a part, are set to grow by 21% over the next eight years!

Students can go on to work in the military (the largest employer of cryptologists), the NSA, or the FBI, as well as find jobs in the private sector, like with banks, credit card companies, e-commerce, law enforcement agencies, and even social media powerhouses like Facebook and Google.

Cyber Security Courses At iD Tech

In each of iD Tech’s three cryptography courses, students will take home ciphers, encoded messages, and decryption programs, as well as an individualized project they’ve worked on during their session. iD Tech Camps, Alexa Café, and the iD Coding & AI Academy each have their own unique cryptography course for Summer 2017. So check out the options below to find one that jump-starts your child’s inner codebreaker!

Cryptography & Cyber Security at iD Tech Camps

This course for students ages 13–17 details the history of cryptography (they’ll learn what worked for Caesar—and what didn’t) and shows students how cryptography is more relevant than ever. Teens will send encrypted messages back and forth between their classmates, learning about the lines of C++ code that keep their information safe.

How Is This Course Unique?

This cybersecurity camp is held on college campuses nationwide,  and focuses on students working together to learn about cryptography and security. It’s our fundamental introduction for our co-ed core division.

Decoder Squad - Encryption & Cyber Security at Alexa Café

In this course for girls ages 10–15, students cover everything from the history of cryptography to how encryption and ciphers protect information in our modern world. Students will utilize the C++ coding language to learn about security in a collaborative way. Girls will send secret encrypted messages to their friends, then try and intercept and decode each other’s messages before their time is up. They’ll solve puzzle activities and explore low-level coding to see what computers see (that people don’t!)

How Is This Course Unique?

Decoder Squad focuses on the technological and the social, with an emphasis on philanthropy. Girls learn about how cryptography can save lives, keep themselves and their friends secure, and how to work with others to come together and solve the puzzles and problems presented to them.

Cyber Security: Encryption & Cryptography at iD Coding & Engineering Academy

This immersive program for teens ages 13–18 introduces students to cryptographic elements and obfuscation of information by solving complex puzzles and ciphers. Teens will learn to use encryption to turn numbers, text, images, and sounds into a scrambled stream—and then put them all back together again. They’ll also take a look at modern cyber security to see how these time-proven methods are still protecting information in the digital age.

How Is This Course Unique?

Cyber Security is offered at our intensive two-week, overnight Academy program. This course goes more in-depth than our other divisions, providing more coding rigor and the opportunity to more directly apply their knowledge to potential future careers.

Learn more about encryption and steganography in cybersecurity at iD Coding & Engineering Academy.

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Registration for camp is open now, so don’t wait! Lock in your child’s future with these new, engaging courses today. Not sure if cryptography is right for your youngster? Check out our comprehensive offering of 62 engaging courses offered at prestigious schools nationwide. We can’t wait to see your child next summer!

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