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The top pro-gaming champion in the world, versus iD!

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Hello iD Nation,

We sent a few representatives down to scout out the CES show in Las Vegas. We send our people down to continually keep an eye out for the latest trends in consumer electronics, gaming, etc. This is a really cool email we got from Boy Wonder down in Vegas. For those of you who are gamers, make sure to read this. For those of you who are not gamers, Ken is a funny guy. So, check it out.

Hello all…

Just wanted to send out a few pictures of one of our encounters in Vegas at CES – check out the picture and see if you recognize who I’m with:

posing with fatal1ty

gaming with fatal1ty

That’s right – I played fatal1ty, the top championship pro-gamer in the world. We played 1vs1 in Quake 4 at CES on the Creative stage. It took me a few tries to get on stage since he didn’t want to call on an obviously-nearly-equal opponent, so we had to watch him embarrass two other cats before calling me on stage. Godfather encouraged me to really make a fool of myself in order to get picked, so I took the advice and used my magic. Eventually he knew he had to pick me – I was too much to ignore. I got a four minute match against him on stage and having watched him pound two other players I decided the only way to save face was with a little classic humor. Both Godfather and I have played much Quake, but playing the #1 rated player on his own branded equipment would be embarrassing for anyone. It would be like going to play basketball against Michael Jordan which would be embarrassing enough… but then he makes you put HIS shoes on to play him!

Back to the humor – when they called me up and did a little mini-interview I let the crowd know the stakes – I was the #3 bejeweled player in the world – not some average gamer to be trifled with. What an epic battle: the #3 bejeweled player in the world versus the #1 Quake3/Painkiller/Quake4/Doom3 player in the world. Then, before we began the match I did my stretches on the stage to make sure I didn’t pull a muscle… this level of play requires a player to be in peak condition. The match went about the same for me as the other players… he just played around with me at first until I managed to get the railgun (the most powerful weapon). After that I pretty much didn’t move more than 3 feet after spawning. Final score? Me: -5, Him: 25. It was even worse than when Pete plays our campers…(SIDE NOTE TO BOY WONDER FROM PETE…THAT’S REALLY NOT COOL).

Ok, that’s enough for now – I’m going to the bathroom to cry after having to rehash my humiliating loss. (SIDE NOTE #2 FROM PETE…BOY WONDER, I SUGGEST YOU ENROLL IN ONE OF OUR VIDEO GAME CAMPS TO HONE YOUR SKILLS. HA!)

-Boy Wonder

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