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Hey All - this is (the other) Pete and I’ve been having quite a challenge.

I have been a representative for iD Tech Camps for the past several years in the Northeast camp fair circuit (mainly representing the Summer Camps in NY). There are two main types of fairs: Camp Fairs, which are aimed at 3 - 12 year old youth and Summer Activity Fairs, which are aimed at teenagers. This past week, I had the absolute pleasure of attending three Summer Activity Fairs.

Summer Activity Fairs are great - iD is completely differentiated from all of the other booths. The trend is, or so it seems, that most companies appealing to teens deal with foreign travel or community service, not teen summer camps. Our offering of courses in technology mixed with a rich camp-based experience on a college campus stands out as a unique and fun activity for the summer.

The issue, however, is that “tech camp” has a perceived meaning that is not really accurate in the 21st century. Some potential customers will pass my booth right by, muttering “tech camp” as if the phrase was some sort of dirty word. I’ve gotten accustomed to stopping said naysayer and asking them what they want to be when they leave high school. This conversation evolves into a pitch that technology is ubiquitous in modern times and everyone, regardless of passion, can gain some benefit from at least one of our programs. During every sequence, there arrives the moment of clarity where the perception of what iD actually does is completely turned around (at which point the subject in question can’t get her or his hands on a brochure fast enough!)

At first this behavior really bothered me. What’s so bad about tech camp? Then I realized that the stigma is a remnant of the ancient 20th century. During this prehistoric era, “tech camps” were mainly centered around creating screen savers (my tech camp experience) and programming. This was a time when graphic design was done on paper, all photography was developed using film, home movies were shot using magnetic tape, robots were things in movies, iPads were made out of lined paper, Facebook was the consequence of falling asleep while reading, websites were where spiders hung out, 3D modelling required room-sized computers and video games existed mainly in arcade. These primitive locations focused mainly on the tech operations without venturing into the camp part (which is essential). Somehow, this memory of what *was* still remains today, regardless of what actually *is*.

Our camp fair team is up to the task of setting the record straight.

Interested in science? All of the sciences have an aspect of recording and observation. What better way to record your findings than with a digital SLR camera, which you can learn how to master at the iD Tech Camp Digital Photography and Photoshop® course or the 2-week iD Visual Arts Academy program in Professional Photography.

Interested in design? Two of the main tools of any designer are Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe Photoshop®, both the centerpiece of our Graphic Design for Advertising course.

Want to go into business? Why not start early and create your own income-generating app in our Programming iPhone® & Android® Apps course or take the more intensive 2-week iD Coding & Engineering Academy and learn programming?

Not sure what the future holds? Web Design and Flash® Animation is a course that every teen should try out! The Internet is the perfect destination for you to define yourself to the world. Share your portfolio of work, photos of friends, stories, artwork, ideas or whatever you like on the world stage.

The world is full of technology that is difficult to avoid. iD can help everyone get up to speed in the tools that shape everyday life in the context of a camp - and CAMP is tons of fun!

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