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The Summer Camp Season is Winding Down

boy assembling project circuit board

Our last two summer camps are in session this week: Columbia University, Stanford University and the UCLA iD Gaming Academy. It is a little astonishing to think that we were just preparing materials, conducting summer staff trainings, ramping up all camps, preparing gaming tournaments–just a few months ago. Now, of our 50 locations throughout the U.S., it is all coming to an end. But, for us, preparations for 2008 are already underway and we’ve got A LOT of work to do–that will never change. We’ve been logging away evaluations and feedback from parents, campers and staff–and we certainly are aiming high for the 2008 computer camp season. Many suggestions that have been made over the course of the summer are already in the queue. We’ll be launching our 2008 season on November 1, 2007. So, check back periodically to our website often. I’ll continue to blog through the fall and into the new year, so be sure to keep up with all the latest iD gossip. You’ll find topics like What’s New, Jobs & Careers in High-Tech, What it Takes, iD Tech Camps, iD Spain, iD Gaming Academy, iD OnSite, Corporate Partner Highlights, Crazy Photos, Staff Highlights, Press Releases…you get the iDea!

iD Tech first office - original location

Did you know that in 2008 we’ll be celebrating iD’s 10th season?

A lot has changed in 10 seasons. A lot hasn’t changed. We are indebted to our staff. No staff = no camps. We are indebted to our full time, year round employees, and handful of temps that help us organize, anticipate and execute the iD vision all year long. I am grateful to our loyal campers and parents. Without you, there would be no camp to staff. At the end of the day, we all report in to you, our clients. You are the “big boss.” We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Summer Staff Appreciation Raffle

Tomorrow, we’ll be announcing the staff raffle winners here on the blog so stay tuned!

Good luck!

-Big Pete


We had some crazy sun reflecting off a car today, it projected from 200 yards away, up through the 3rd story of our building. It came in right through the window behind me like a laser beam, and projected some cool images up on the wall. No special FX here. Nope! Just good old fashioned timing.

Pete Projecting 1

Pete Projecting 2

Pete Projecting 3

Can you find me? Mighty Mouse? Shreck?


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