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The Rise of the Childhood App Developer

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To follow up on my post from a couple of days ago about the Wall Street Journal article and the rise of childhood app developers, Gizmodo also recently shed some light on this phenomenon.

But is it a new trend, or one that is simply gaining popularity with each day that passes?

For me, it’s a reflection of the real world economy and the fact that future careers will be waiting to be filled by capable young minds; children who have grown up immersed in STEM education.  If, for instance, there was strong indication that a large number of tomorrow’s jobs would rely heavily on cooking skills, you can be sure that families and kids of today would be finding opportunities to build expertise around the oven, grill, etc.

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According to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, there are expected to be 2 million jobs created in STEM-related fields by 2014.  For this reason, more and more children are finding it beneficial to explore technology.  Plus, once kids give STEM subjects a shot, many find that learning how to develop an app, create a video game, or build a robot – among other things – are actually fun experiences, and rightly so.

As a result, the rise of the childhood app developer will only grow steeper in the very near future (even as I write this), along with an increase of kids and teens who have learned to harness tech skills in other areas to create valuable, real world applications.

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