The Front Lines: The Beginning

iD Tech in action

Hey all - it's (the other) Pete with a new series of entries from the front lines of iD Tech Camp. I had originally intended to post an essay about the important of field games, which I got just about halfway through... and then, I lost it all. Doh! I didn't "Save My Work" - even though I wrote a whole post about doing just that on this very blog.

Oh well.

The Front Lines articles will provide a glimpse into the inner working of iD Tech from the perspective of staff from around the country. I'll be sharing thoughts directly from those involved in making camp happen, which I think it pretty darn cool.

But first, since this is the set up week (or more accurately, set up weekend), I'm going to give a little preview on the big stuff that's going on this summer from the Activity Curriculum perspective (which happens to be my expertise).

iDX 2012

iDX is the *All Camp* competition for greatness. Every camper is a participant across the country. Every camp belongs to one of four teams: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Over 300 challenges have been issued to each camp - as they complete the challenges, their team gets points. Last year, the Red Team won, with 1,623 points with Ohio State University as the top scorer for that team - but this year, everyone is out to defeat Red! Also, during the iDX challenges, more than 20 world records were set around the country on (such as these at Trinity University or these at Villanova University). Pretty awesome!


My favorite season-long event is the staff incentive program called Nachos. These are achievements for staff members only that recognize them for going above and beyond. This summer, there are 90 official Nachos (and several hidden ones, such as one for getting everyone at one's camp to earn a Nacho). Last summer, Greg Hulet became Nacho Champion for the second time with 53 Nachos. This year, we're trying a whole new approach that is sure to up the competition and keep everyone on their toes!

The HiD

The HiD (or Happenings at iD) is our weekly video-cast to the staff of iD Tech. Each week we highlight the great work that our staff is doing across the nation, by sharing their achievements with the iD world and challenging everyone to Go Big! This year, if you're lucky, I'll post an episode or two on the blog!


We are really looking forward to another incredible summer at iD Tech! I'll be here to keep everyone informed from the Front Lines! Until next week, I'm (to)p - Keep Spinning!

A photo of iD Tech

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