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I have two posts for you this week and neither of them are about my newly launched Kickstarter campaign of a game that I tested at iD Tech Camp during last year's Staff Training (among other places). I will also have a Kickstarter blog coming up because, well, it is an amazing site that opens up doors for the iD audience.

We learn so much at iD Tech - how to program games, how to make videos, how to build robots, how to create websites - everything you get from that drop down list at the top of the page. What the campers at iD achieve each year is simply incredible. And everyone that is part of the iD community wants the campers to keep creating, keep programming, keep designing! That's why there's Tech Rocket and why iD seeks former campers that have excelled to come back in greater roles as staff members.

At some point in every creative's life, however, they want to put out their own thing, a piece of art or design or whatever that is made simply out of passion. These projects are most times the best pieces of work that exist, but reality has a way of distracting us all from releasing our imaginations. Kickstarter and similar funding sites allows everyone to take that dream and share it with the world, allowing the creation of works that would otherwise lack funding. Giving an audience to the artist. And that's awesome.

Anyway, to the post! Poetry! Everyone loves poems, right? Here are some poems written by the staff of iD Tech about iD Tech.

iD Tech: A Poem by Carmen SanDiego (Instructor at Carnegie Mellon University)

iD is irrevocably incredible
Devious developers delve deep into designs

Teachers unveil truths for talented tiddlers
everyone enjoys evenings of enlightened encounters
creative children caper carelessly with code
Here we harbor hilarious and happy hooligans


A Poem By X.A.N.A (Instructor at Southern Methodist University)

I work at iD Tech this year
Hopefully there will be no fear
I go there again
There will be no end
To the fun i shove down their ear

Sota is the head of the pack
She will make sure there is no slack
She’s new here today
But she’ll have her way
Cause if she don’t, we will be sacked

Tiny is the best at this school
Yet he acts like the best class fool
The kids he can beat
With his giant big feet
We should push him into the pool

CWA is teaching Java™ right now
His stomach his hurting him, wow
But we all don’t fret
He’ll get better yet
And be here tomorrow I vow

New guys are Tesla and Pickle
They never seem very fickle
They are very fun
Playing in the sun
As they enjoy a popsicle

Agent M is the last one here
He is always in a good cheer
His unknown mission
Is superstition
For that information is clear

Now my silly poem is done
My goal was to make it fun
Our great camp is this
And I’ll tell you miss
Our camp will be number one


CMU by Batman (Director at Carnegie Mellon University)

At iD Carnegie Mellon
There ain’t no fellons
Just some campers so cool
Learning so they aint no fool
Making video games all day
cept when we’re outside for play
Most say this camp is da best
Miles ahead of the rest


Camp Rap by Kaos (Lead Instructor at UNC Chapel Hill)

Welcome to camp
With a Capital-C!
Welcome to iD in
Da High-D!


The inventive Gizmo
The superman Johnny Bravo
The chaos brought by Kaos
The squeaky Mouse
The crazy cool Iceman
The funky, fluffy Marshmellow
The hotshot, Ace
The howling Wolfman
The wooly Mammoth
The always-welcome Hammock
The intense Pandamonium
The coolest cucumber around - Coolcumber
The one and only Tim (not included on the wall), The Enchanter
And the powerful Stormaggedon!

These supah-star
Staff are
Bringing you


Untitled by Ace (Instructor at UNC Chapel Hill)

Welcome Campers, just take a seat
Other camps can try but we cant be beat
I'm going down the list of the best staff in the house
We got my man Kaos, J bravo, Ice man and mouse
There's Pandemonium, Hammock, Mammoth and Gizmo
The Enchanter, WolfMan and don't forget Marshmallow
Of course Coolcumber and Stormaggedon to
You here that IDX challenges, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU!
We are the staff of UNC
So Everyone, Shout out for me
Having the best summer that can be
Just come to ID and you will see.


Poem about Vex by AKumbar (Instructor at UNC Chapel Hill)

Throw two hands in the air.
We got three vex groups,
They are building at four times the speed of light.
Creating awesome projects in only five days.
They have a sixth sense, a knack for coding.
With seven times the energy,
And they're eight extraordinare kids.


iD Haikus by Pixel (Director at the University of Las Vegas)

Clickety click clack
goes all twenty one keyboards.
Projects in progress.

It's time for shout outs.
Slap slap clap clap snap snap, YEAH!
A ticket for all.

If kid presses space,
army guy shoots dinosaurs.
Standard AGD.


iD Pirates by Roadmap (Lead Instructor at the University of Houston)

Ahoy matey's!
Come one, come all:
To iD
until the fall!

We'll code,
we'll play,
we'll have a ball,
I am a pirate (Yargh!)

The plank you'll walk
if ye do choose
to not have fun
but why? Don't snooze!

'Cause here, it's fun
it's hip, it's rad
to totally be a pirate (Yargh!)

The week is off
it is begun.
Again we say
let's have some fun!

Because iD
is here to stay
until the fall
we'll go away

so make it fun
so make it last
so make it awe-some
have a blast

because while camp
may not be long
the friends, the mem-mories
are strong

but when it's o-ver,
don't be sad.
Because iD
is not a fad.

So come on back
to us next year
and have some fun!


Untitled by Chalk (Instructor at Ohio State University)

iD Tech, it's the best.
My name is Chalk and I teach FPS.
Builder Brush
Sculpt the terrain
add a player start and test the game.
Find a material or make one up.
Paint the terrain with the paint brush.
Static meshes flesh out the map
import your own if you have the knack
to use milkshape to make a unique map
take it home and share the news
that iD tech cures your summer time blues.

A photo of iD Tech

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