The Front Lines: Beating the Heat

iD Tech in action

Hey All -

This past week was July 4th - not just in the United States, but everywhere (although there were probably less fireworks everywhere). So Happy July 4th, regardless of where you're from. And for that matter, Happy July 5th too!

And since I'm rambling on about the date, let me go to another all-too-familiar topic of July, the weather. Yes, I have resulted in landing on everyone's familiar go-to small talk subject. It's ok, though, because it's totally related to what we do. Why? Because we're a Summer camp! We have to deal with the heat - especially if the heat goes above 100 degrees. Sigh.

So what does a 100 degree day at iD Tech Camp look like? Basically the same as any other day! We don't give up because of the heat, but we do take the proper precautions to ensure that everyone is getting hydration and avoiding unnecessary sun exposure. This means that we need to have back up plans for our outdoor activities. And back up plans for those back up plans. Why so many plans? Because we love to plan! And every now and then a freak heat wave strikes... for an entire month. And we need to have indoor activities that are as awesome as our outdoor activities. And we do!

Here are some shots from camps around the country keeping it cool!

A photo of iD Tech

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