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The Evolution of Wolfman at iD

instructor helping student at computer tech camp

It’s no surprise that we like to have some fun here at iD Tech Camps – it’s part of our awesome company culture! So, following in the animal footsteps of my last post, we’ve moved on from the singing, dancing chicken, and are now in full-on beast mode! More specifically, a previously-bearded fellow who resides in iD’s IT Department. The full moon this past weekend allowed a very special transformation to occur; one that even Jacob would be proud of!

So, as the original Wolfman evolved from human to animal…


Image courtesy of


Our own iD “Wolfman” made the transition from creature of the forest, back to human…


I’ll be sure to keep you all informed of any other transformations, if and when they occur. In the meantime, please enjoy the photo evolution, displayed above. (It definitely produced a howl or two around here.)