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The 21 World Records of iD Trinity

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iD Tech Camp has many world records. Our camps, from Princeton to Villanova to Stanford, have earned their fair share of records over the years. I wanted to call out one camp in particular, though, that happens to have 21 standing world records, which I believe is the current leader in the standing record count (by my estimation – I think Villanova is a very close second!).

Considering this was the summer of world records (as every Olympic summer is), I figured I would celebrate Trinity University for their ability to cling onto 21 records, despite clearly fierce competition from not just other iD Tech Camps, but the WORLD. So here are the 21 world records that, as of August 19th, 2012, iD Tech at Trinity University holds:

Most Devices Simultaneously Playing “Badger Song”
I’m sure that this record will hold out for a long time – not because it’s unbeatable, but mostly because the record is very odd.

Largest Group To Play “Armagetron” Simultaneously
They are credited with 18 Armagetron players, but in the video there are 19. I wonder if there’s some sort of conspiracy…?

Most Pairs Of Glasses Worn At Once
This is a highly contested record and should be the most prized out of any of the current Trinity holdings.

Largest Group Of People Sitting Around A Circular Table
This reminds me of a very tame version of phonebooth stuffing from 1959.

Most People Whistling “Happy Birthday”
I’m very surprised that this has not been beaten.

Most Computer Programs Named In 15 Seconds
This camper has a bit of trouble getting 15 programs named in 15 seconds…

Largest Group Of People Squeaking In A High Pitched Voice
I’m very happy that the camera was a good distance away from the campers for this video!

Largest Group Of People Planking Around Miller Fountain At Trinity University
It turns out that getting teens to lay down isn’t that hard!

Most People Photographed In Front Of Sir Henry Moore’s “Large Interior Form”This is another highly contested world record. People fly in from around the world to try to break this very specific requirement.

Most Times To Pass Tennis Ball Balanced On Bottom Of Plastic Cup In 30 Seconds
Patience, skill and balance are absolutely required for this difficult challenge.

Most Times For A Group To Snap Their Fingers Sequentially In 30 Seconds
These campers are incredibly enthusiastic about snapping! Snap to it!

Most Unique Animal Sounds Made In 30 Seconds
I’m always very impressed by this record! She puts such gusto into her animal noises!

Fastest Time To Twist All Fingers Over One Another
This is a great record, but kind of gross.

Longest Time For Group To Keep A Balloon Aloft Outdoors
I think I’ve seen a longer version of this somewhere, but over 2 minutes with a big group is pretty impressive.

Largest Group Jump Heel Click While Linking Arms
I’m not positive everyone gets a full heel click here, but it was approved, so what do I know?!

Most Signatures On A Banner
81 signatures on a banner! Awesome! They should take this skill and use it for petitioning!

Most Dots Drawn On A Page In Ten Seconds
I love the sound of this one!

Most Animals Named In 30 Seconds
I can’t really hear every animal clearly, but I think this one will stand a long time!

Most Fast Food Restaurants Named In 15 Seconds
That was from memory? I can’t tell if I’m impressed or saddened!

Most Tag Backs In 60 Seconds
Yeah, but… who’s It?

Most Behind-The-Back Ball Tosses In One Minute
Not only is he totally skilled, but he does it while chewing gum and looking absolutely chill!