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Thanks to Fawn Qiu, Flappy Bird is real life!


This year, we added an electrical engineering course for teens built around Arduino™ , an open-source microcontroller board for all skill-levels.  Naturally, we were pretty stoked to discover that the same hardware has been used to resurrect the infamous Flappy Bird…in real life! Ah, Arduino™–your possibilities are truly endless.

The “Make Flappy Box,” designed by Fawn Qui, is based on an Arduino™ prototype. According to Mashable, Fawn created the real-life Flappy Bird kit in order to “make technology more accessible through introducing electronics in a creative and fun way.” Looks like she nailed it.

The kit comes with instructions, a circuit board, and an electronics package complete with motors, a speaker, and buttons to control the bird. The box and paper background are also included. According to Mashable, Fawn plans to share the open-source circuit-board design on Github.

Unlike the original, solitary smartphone version of the game, Fawn’s creation ” invites collaboration and curiosity.” She told Mashable, “the physical game is more intuitive and social. It makes the playing experience more approachable.” We’re definitely on board with that. Read the full article from Mashable here.

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