Summer is saved! Online programs are running now.

Your kids can experience the magic of iD Tech from the comfort of home. For ages 7-19.

Summer is saved! Online programs are running now.

Your kids can experience the magic of iD Tech from the comfort of home. For ages 7-19.

Thanks for Another Tech-Filled Summer of Fun

iD Tech in action

Wow! Tomorrow marks the final day of the 2015 iD Tech summer camp season. Can you believe it?

About a month ago, we asked parents and iD Tech alums to help us out with a secret end-of-the-year project by submitting camp photos to Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #iDTechThankYou.

We’ve compiled your photo submissions and created the awesome mosaic below with all of your photos. Click the image to see the zoomed-in version, find your child, and then head to Facebook to tag your student on our cover photo.


Thank You: A Bittersweet Summer Goodbye

While many of you have already finished shopping for pens, folders, and notebooks, and snapped this year’s first-day-of-school photos, here at the iD Tech main office, our minds are still stuck reminiscing about this past summer. And we can’t help but feel ridiculously grateful that so many families from all across the country (and across the world!) chose iD Tech. You are awesome.

Although our family-owned company has become the nation’s largest STEM camp provider, we still deeply value personal, one-on-one connections with campers and their families. Every camper who attends iD Tech motivates us to keep innovating and dreaming up new ways to inspire.

Breaking Down the 2015 Summer Camp Season

This year, nearly 50,000 students attended an iD Tech summer program. They learned new technology skills, met friends, dressed up in hilarious outfits (shout-out to the awesome camper below who showed up in a Pac Man arcade costume), bonded with inspiring mentors, explored more than 100 prestigious campuses nationwide, and left with a deeper understanding of technology. 

Thank You 2015

Our brand new summer camp, iD Tech Mini, was a hit with mini makers from around the country, and we saw more and more girls flock to Alexa Café for a fresh take on creativity and technology. In short, 2015 marks another incredible summer to remember.

While this summer camp season has come to a close, 2016 is right around the corner. We’ve received and read all of your camp evaluations and feedback, and with those in mind we’re already crafting awesome new courses and scouting out more prestigious campuses around the country. If you thought this year’s camps were awesome, you’ll be blown away by what we have in store for 2016.

To see what’s new for next year, be sure to check back on November 1, 2015 when registration begins. We hope to see you again next summer!

A photo of iD Tech

With over 20 years of experience and a track record of incredible student outcomes, iD Tech is an investment in your child's future. Whether they're 7, 19, or somewhere in between, we've perfected the system to guide them from total beginner to college-bound pro. 

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