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The 2010 Winter Olympics are into their second week of competition in Vancouver, British Columbia. Each time the games roll around, I am amazed at how technology has enriched my experience of the Olympics over the years. The modern Winter Olympic Games started back in 1924 in Chamonix, France. The original members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) could have no concept of how far these games would come in a century.

1924 Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France

2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Cutting-edge technologies play a part in every aspect of these games, from the first torch relay hand-off to the closing ceremonies. There are so many behind the scenes stories of how creative thinkers adapt existing computer technologies to gain a competitive advantage. Athletes and trainers use technology in preparing for the games to optimize their training. Sports equipment manufacturers use design technology to build improved apparatus, gear and more that will enable their clients to deliver a high level performance. Broadcasters use technology to better inform viewers of all aspects of the events. Everyone involved is looking for technologic tools they can use to give them the competitive advantage to get on the podium.

Technology allows us to more fully appreciate everything about the competition and the athletes who commit their lives to fulfill their dreams. At internalDrive, we are proud to be laying a foundation for young people at our summer camps to explore computer technology and find ways they can express their dreams. We have kids and teens learning about and creating computer-generated projects that amaze us. We’ve been doing this for eleven seasons now and we continue to be impressed by what our campers accomplish in just a week or two of summer learning.

Whether a student chooses to learn filmmaking, digital photography, programming, modeling or 3D animation, they could be taking that first step towards their own professional goals – perhaps even in a future Olympic Games event. Here is a sample of the courses offered at our computer camps and teen academies across North America. Perhaps your son or daughter can jumpstart their dreams with us!

It is inspiring to see athletes who break through previously attained heights in speed, technique, style and spirit. There is no doubt that the Winter and Summer Olympic Games will continue to be influenced and enhanced by the use of computer technology in preparation for and during the events. It’s the way of the world. And as they say, “The World comes to these games.”

Interested in visiting Canada this summer? Check out our new summer computer camp held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and our 2-week summer program iD Visual Arts Academy for teens offered at McGill University in Montreal.

iD Visual Arts Academy students hitching a ride at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec

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