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Tech-Savvy Hawaiian Teens Tutor Seniors in Social Media, Web, Texting, Smartphones, and More

Ten tech-savvy students from the Hawaii Preparatory Academy have become tutors for seniors, in a effort to help them "overcome their apprehension about technology, gain new confidence in this fast-moving digital age, and feel skillful enough to use their gadgets."

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17-year-old president, Toli Patolo, came up with the idea for the organization after teaching his mom and aunt how to use their new tech devices. He simply noted that if his own relatives needed assistance, others likely did, as well. The group, "Teen Tech Tutors," covers everything from connecting with friends and family via Facebook and Skype, internet use, smartphones and tablets, text messaging, music and photo downloads, and more.

Get inspired, and become a tech expert at our summer camps for kids and programs for teens. Who knows--you could start your own version of "Teen Tech Tutors" in your town!

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