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Tech-Savvy Dad Engineers a Prosthetic Hand for His Son Using a 3D Printer

Twelve-year-old Leon McCarthy was born without  a left hand. But, what began as an unfortunate disability has become an opportunity for inspiration and hope, thanks to the innovative spirit of the boy's father.

Using a 3D printer and his background in Special Effects, Paul McCarthy engineered a futuristic prosthetic hand. With it, his son has been able to accomplish more than he ever thought possible--he can even write and draw using the prosthetic. Robotics engineering is powerful stuff.

Paul was able to engineer the prosthetic hand after watching a YouTube video that outlined a similar endeavor. After the inital success, he now plans to work with his son's school to teach students how to print 3D prosthetic hands for classmates in need.

Now that's using tech for good. Read the full article, and watch the video: