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Our summer season has come to a close, but tech learning and fun don't have to end here. Register today for fall online courses!

NEW! Squads After School for ages 7-17.

Our summer season has come to a close, but tech learning and fun don't have to end here. Register today for fall online courses!

Tech Gifts for Dad In Lieu of Traditional Father’s Day Ideas

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Dad probably doesn’t need more “stuff,” but after reading this, you’re going to want to give him the tech toys and trinkets he deserves this Father’s Day. Say goodbye to the traditional necktie and tool set; aka Father’s Day gifts he might only love because he loves his family (and not necessarily because the gifts are more than awesome). These Father's Day gifts are more than awesome—so, love abounds!

I'm Your Father Header

The days of dad storing his many important documents in a briefcase and schlepping them from home to office and back home again have come and gone. Help Dad love his work just as much as he loves Star Wars with this C-3PO USB Drive. Or, maybe even let him venture to the dark side for once with the Darth Vader version. $19.99-$69.99; 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB options available.

Father's Day Watch Header

While a smartwatch is a bit pricier than other gift options, they are pretty darn cool. Problem is, while they are also relatively new, there are many options from which to choose. Here is a breakdown of the 10 best smartwatch options (Apple, Sony, Samsung, LG, Pebble, and more). Now remember, the value of this gift also depends on what kind of Dad you are buying for, and his tech proficiency. My dad is still mastering the art of the ALL CAPS text, and absolutely needing to sign off each of his messages to me, as if I didn’t have his contact information saved. (“LOVE, DAD”).

Father's Day Golf Club Header

Trust me. If Dad is a casual golfer, him remembering to bring along his portable speaker when hitting the links is almost just as important as remembering his clubs. Now, with the JBL Clip, listening to tunes while on the course just got a whole lot easier. The carabiner Bluetooth speaker powers up for five hours, which is perfect for 18 holes, a weekend hike, and more. $39.95; multiple colors available.

Father's Day Wallet Header

There are many versions of Dad we love, but nothing is worse than “unorganized Dad.” With the Q Card Case, Dad will be able to hold his phone, three credit cards, and cash all together in a slim, yet ultra-protective case. I mean, with this, he would have to actively try to misplace all of his belongings in order to make you late for school. I wouldn’t put it past him though, even so. Such a jokester…$31.99.

Father's Day Tracker Header

Tile trackers have been popular for some time now because they really are valuable. Thus, even if Dad already has a set, he can probably use a few more. Lost wallet, keys, parked car, JBL Clip? Simply attach the Tile to must-find/often-lost items and the accompanying app will detect the tile up to 100 feet away. You could even just stick a tracker in Dad’s pocket to keep him from wandering too far at Costco. $20 for 1, $70 for 4.

Father's Day More Golf Header

No Father’s Day gift list is complete without at least two golf entries. Why? Because even if Dad doesn’t like the actual gift itself, simply possessing it will give him another reason to get out and knock the ball around (and he’ll love that). The SensoGlove is a great example of such a love/hate gift. It basically tells Dad why his swing is wonky (and there is nothing worse than swinging a golf club and trying to adjust for 13 different swing deficiencies all at once). In the end, this means that SensoGlove might actually become quite loathed after a while. But hey, again, he’ll at least be out on the course. $89.

Father's Day FreshNeck Header

FreshNeck is the “Netflix of ties,” allowing for Dad to load up his closet with neck ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks. All he needs to do is fill up his queue. He’ll then receive items, at home in 1-3 days. Once he is ready for more, he simply ships the items back, and receives his next bundle. For Father’s Day purists, you are combining the traditional tie gift with added value thanks to a bit of tech. Memberships range from $20-$64.

You only have about a week left, so best of luck!

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