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  • Should Your Child Join a Robotics Team?

    The short answer is a resounding "yes." But before we dive into the benefits of joining a robotics team or club, here’s a brief overview of what these competitions and teams are all about. Who Robotics teams target students at almost every age group, starting with kindergarten and going all the way to college and post-grad [...]

  • Exciting New Educational Tech from CES 2017

    The Consumer Electronic Show is the biggest tech convention in the world. Held in Las Vegas and occupying nearly 2.5 million square feet of convention space, CES is known for introducing things like the thinnest televisions, self-driving cars, and of course, educational tech. It welcomed nearly 180,000 attendees and more than 4,000 exhibitors, all experiencing [...]

  • So What Kind of Project Does My Child Make at Camp?

    You’re a smart parent—you know tech camp is one of the best ways to keep your child engaged over the summer. But maybe you still have some questions (102 questions? Only 15?). Or maybe there’s just one question left you really want to know: what will my child really be making at camp? It’s one [...]

  • Computer Programming and Robotics for Kids – Hiring Demand Grows 44 Percent

    Being around programming, development, and design on a daily basis makes it easy to believe that the demand for tech skills is on the rise.  But, it’s always nice to see it validated in print as well. According to WANTED Analytics, jobs requiring robotics skills greatly increased in January 2012, as corporate recruiters and staffing [...]

  • 12 Awesome Benefits to Robots Taking over the World

    I have scolded myself for not talking about robots enough at all. I have a gig writing for a blog that allows me to write about basically whatever I choose and I somehow, entry after entry, neglect robots. Citizens of the Interwebs, this trend is going to change and it will change today! From this day [...]

  • Half of a human – new robot legs walk on their own, sans power.

    No power supply, motor, or on/off switch – this is literally an unstoppable robot designed to wander earth one aluminum step at a time. Ok, it’s not that dramatic, as the passive robot legs developed by a research team at the Nagoya Institute of Technology still need some work before they serve a practical purpose.  [...]