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  • If Your Kids Like Minecraft, They'll Love Magica Voxel and Captain Trtl

    Minecraft has swept the globe: Players are smitten with its clean and simple block design, depth of play, and near-limitless building possibilities. By placing cubes one piece at at time, players can create buildings, museums, pirate ships, street lamps, national landmarks, or even a lifelike rendering of iD Tech Camps. Another program that emphasizes simple [...]

  • How Minecraft Doesn't Block Girls Out

    Minecraft is unique in a great number of ways—and you’ve probably already heard about all the reasons why your child playing it can be very educational. However, one of the qualities you might not know about Minecraft that makes it unique in the gaming realm is it’s a rather genderless space. As one of the [...]

  • The Educational Benefits of Minecraft

    It’s no secret that Minecraft is wildly popular, and has been for some time. Since its creation in 2009, Minecraft has captured the minds and imaginations of more kids than we can count (and even some adults!) Merchandise, a movie, school educators, and our very own summer camps have caught the Minecraft fire, and the [...]

  • The Benefits of Minecraft Stretch Far Beyond Entertainment

    Minecraft is cool, undoubtedly.  But what about the indie “sandbox” game’s educational – and entrepreneurial – value? “I see the future of our youth and they are playing Minecraft.” This according to Joe Pulizzi’s recent article posted on LinkedIn “Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Are Playing #Minecraft Today.” With almost an entire summer’s worth of tech camp fun [...]

  • Tech Rocket Members Re-Create Hogwarts from Harry Potter in Minecraft!

    Greetings everyone! It’s Grizzle here with Tech Rocket news! If you aren’t familiar, Tech Rocket is an online community where students can learn all about technology, just like at camp, from the comfort of their own homes, year-round.  And just like at camp, we make sure to balance learning with fun and creativity! One of the [...]

  • The Importance of Minecraft

    Two years ago I really got interested in Minecraft. Obsessed, perhaps. I played independently for a while and suffered the fear and anxiety that the single player campaign dumps onto new players. And then I started a server.   It's hard not to know what Minecraft is - the game has been sold 8 million [...]