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  • Ranking Up in League of Legends

    The eSports industry has been growing at an explosive rate, and League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular competitive games out there. This year the League of Legends World Finals had over 36 million viewers, with a prize pool of over 2 million dollars. That kind of viewership surpasses the NBA Finals [...]

  • Five Video Games From E3 We Can't Wait to Play

    A few weeks ago, the video game industry came together for the 22nd annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. One of gaming’s biggest annual traditions, E3 is a huge, glitzy display of cool games on the horizon. Growing up, E3 was a huge event for me. Every year I’d grab the E3 issue [...]

  • Generation Indie

    There have never been so many ways to tell a story. When I was young, video games were made by professionals - large groups of developers with specialized equipment and a large budget. There was a small selection of independent works on the PC, but never on a console. There was great reason for this [...]

  • State of the Industry - Video Games

    Are you familiar with GDC?  So you know, the Game Developers Conference is the largest gathering of professional video game developers; coming together annually to “exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.” In anticipation of their 2013 event, GDC surveyed over 2,500 North American game developers – an audience comprised of those who [...]

  • 10 Games That Blew My Mind

    Every now and then I write about games (ok, probably most of the time) and I focus on a particular subject of critique or satire, all from a place of love. This passion for gaming stems from a lifetime of surprises, times when I learned that video games have a capacity to completely floor me. [...]

  • My Obsession with Math Games

    I am obsessed with math. Not in the way that you think, however... It's more about discovering patterns and exploiting weakness. It started with Sim City - well, perhaps Sim City 2000, or all of the early Maxis Sim-games. These games were all representations of systems, whether it was a city, or the world, or [...]