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  • iD Tech's Game Development Insights From E3 2017

    Every year I look forward to E3, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. It’s a ton of fun watching the pre-show press conferences to see what cool video games are coming out; seeing interviews with developers and designers is inspiring, and then actually getting my hands on those games at the Expo in LA is immensely [...]

  • Turn a Game Design Interest Into These Unique Careers

    You’ve probably heard about the plethora of opportunities available in the game development industry; the current value of the video game market for 2017 is roughly $18.4 billion dollars, and is set to reach $20 billion by 2020. But what if your child isn’t a programmer or particularly interested in level design, yet they still [...]

  • Camper Turned Instructor Designs Award-Winning Game

    Jonathan is currently a 21-year-old Character Artist in the fast-paced world of video game development. He loves technology for its endless opportunities and flexibility, like how he can make changes and continue tweaking his projects even after they seem finished. “I enjoy the extensive freedom it gives,” he says. “Video games specifically allow for a [...]

  • Part II: Top 10 Programmer Jokes, Explained for the Rest of Us

    Last week, our Development Manager, Christian, broke down some of his favorite programmer jokes for us non-programmers. Check out Part I here. Today, we present you with Part II! 6. Debugging: Removing the needles from the haystack. Debugging is the process in which you remove bugs from your program. Since finding bugs (and their causes) [...]

  • The Coder in Me

    Most of my life I have told people that I'm not a "coder." This is partially because I don't want the responsibility and eventual headache of figuring out a complex system on behalf of someone else and partially because I have never been efficient when attempting to code. I thought that my inefficiency was what [...]

  • Making a Poll in PHP from Scratch: Part 1

    There are plenty of ready-made Internet polls out there, particularly if you are using a framework for your site such as Wordpress, vBulletin, or Joomla/Drupal. But occasionally it is worthwhile to create your own from scratch, whether for learning or to simply fulfill specific features you need in your application. In this series of posts, [...]

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