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  • So What Kind of Project Does My Child Make at Camp?

    You’re a smart parent—you know tech camp is one of the best ways to keep your child engaged over the summer. But maybe you still have some questions (102 questions? Only 15?). Or maybe there’s just one question left you really want to know: what will my child really be making at camp? It’s one [...]

  • iD Tech Inspires Students to Dream BIG

    We love hearing success stories from iD Tech alumni. They remind us of the power of technology education. They inspire us. And they encourage us to keep offering awesome summer tech camps. We’ve been following Rebecca Garcia for several years. The former iD Tech Camps alumna is now an entrepreneur and coder who uses her skills to [...]

  • iD Hackathon Unleashes Creativity With Coders, App Developers, Game Makers

    You may already know that at iD Tech, we run summer tech camps for kids and teens. We teach Minecraft game design, modding, app development, coding in Java, PHP, Python, and C++, 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, Robotics with Vex and Lego Mindstorm—you get the idea, right? We're known across the globe as the #1 Tech [...]

  • The Coder in Me

    Most of my life I have told people that I'm not a "coder." This is partially because I don't want the responsibility and eventual headache of figuring out a complex system on behalf of someone else and partially because I have never been efficient when attempting to code. I thought that my inefficiency was what [...]

  • Learning to code is important. But don’t take my word for it. Learning to code is important. While I wholeheartedly believe in that statement, I understand it may not mean much to you coming from someone like me – a complete stranger. But what if such a declaration came from Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg?  How about Tony Hsieh or even Will.I.Am?  Does it start to [...]

  • Populating a Combo-box in PHP Dynamically from MySQL

    For this article, let's pretend you have the following database table. There are two columns (I'm separating the fields with commas for readability), Item and Price: Cheese Pizza, 1.00 Pepporoni Pizza, 1.50 Sausage Pizza, 1.50 Cheese Calzone, 1.50 Ham Calzone, 2.00 What if you want to populate a combo-box with your possible options? We can [...]