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  • Camper Turned Instructor Designs Award-Winning Game

    Jonathan is currently a 21-year-old Character Artist in the fast-paced world of video game development. He loves technology for its endless opportunities and flexibility, like how he can make changes and continue tweaking his projects even after they seem finished. “I enjoy the extensive freedom it gives,” he says. “Video games specifically allow for a [...]

  • Weekly Snapshot: Summer Camp Photos from July 25, 2014

    Welcome to the eighth installment of our Summer 2014 Weekly Snapshot! Check back each Friday for a handful of awesome camp photos from across the U.S.! Here are some of our favorite shots from this week: Attack of the onesies at iD Tech Camps held at Macalester! Polka dots galore! Collaboration! Customary pie-in-the-face! Camp selfies! [...]

  • Camp in a Picture

    Somer, iD's Academy Operations Manager, found this great iDea from the Full Sail Blog about capturing your life in a single photograph. Inspired by this concept, Brylock and I ran a camp-wide contest about capturing the essence of camp in a single photo. We were not disappointed! The folks at Trinity University, specifically Taz, Grizzly, [...]

  • Best of Summer Camp Photos – August 19, 2013

    12 weeks later, and we say goodbye to the 2013 summer camp season. We had a blast, and look forward to more next season. THANK YOU for being a part of our summer. See you in 2014!

  • Best of Summer Camp Photos – August 12, 2013

    We are in the final stretch of the season, but our summer camp kids are still having a blast. Check out what they've been up to this week!

  • Best of Summer Camp Photos – August 5, 2013

    Though the end of the season is approaching, learning and tech fun is still in full swing. We're back once again to feature the best moments captured from camps this summer. Enjoy!