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  • So What Kind of Project Does My Child Make at Camp?

    You’re a smart parent—you know tech camp is one of the best ways to keep your child engaged over the summer. But maybe you still have some questions (102 questions? Only 15?). Or maybe there’s just one question left you really want to know: what will my child really be making at camp? It’s one [...]

  • Making Video Games and Equipment Better; Smarter

    The industry is fragmented between different types of gamers.  There are those who love the interactive experience, waving Wii wands, or relying on their Kinect to capture every movement.  And then there are others who just like to “veg out” opting for a less involved gaming experience that consists of sitting on a couch, controller [...]

  • Let’s Play: Guess That Tech Product!

    First up – what is this tech product?  Hint #1: No, it's not the newest line of high-powered lipstick.  Give up?  It’s called the Lytro camera, and despite its different external appearance, it’s the camera’s internal light-field technology that sets it apart from conventional cameras. What is light-field technology?  Most of us are accustomed to [...]