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  • Ridiculous Fishing: A Brief Analysis

    Ridiculous Fishing by Vlambeer for iOS (and presumably other mobile platforms in the future) is an incredible indie game for any type of player. I am so confident in the greatness of Ridiculous Fishing, in fact, that I'm not writing about how awesome it is (I'll let others do that) - instead, I'm going to [...]

  • The Bad (and Good) of Flow Free (and Bridges)

    A coworker that commutes from Brooklyn was telling me about this hot new game, "Everyone is playing it. They connect brightly colored lines or something. It's very popular on the train." It didn't take long to discover what she was talking about. Flow Free is a free (ad-supported / DLC-supported) puzzle application for touchscreen phones [...]

  • iD's Got Spirit - and Turkey!

    In case you haven’t heard, registration for our 2013 season opened November 1st. We’re happy to offer a variety of new courses and locations – this is going to be our best season yet! We work extremely hard to bring you the best camps for kids and teens, but as discussed in a previous post, [...]

  • Why it's Great that Everyone is Talking about Angry Birds

    Hey all - your friendly, neighborhood (the other) Pete here with another mildly rant-like contribution. BUT FIRST - Acknowledgements / Shout Outs / Big Ups to Ryan who is going going crazy-awesome with content development! It's great. I love it. Keep it up! SomethingAwful (an old Internet community that uses profane language to express their [...]

  • Applicable Creativity: Exploring STEM Subjects Early Unlocks More Doors of Opportunity

    When you think of the word “app” or “application” – what does it mean to you? If you’re in high school, it’s likely this brings college applications to mind with looming fall deadlines. If you’re thinking technologically, maybe you just realized you haven’t played Angry Birds in about an hour and you’re having withdrawals. It [...]

  • Halloween apps to use before, during, and after trick-or-treating.

    Halloween is right around the corner, but in case you’re behind on planning, or are just looking for a reason to download more iPhone or Android apps, here are a few options for kids and parents to enjoy over the next week. Before Halloween Deciding on a Halloween costume gets progressively more difficult the older [...]

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