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Surf and Tech at UCSD

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Hey everyone, Grizzle here letting you know that this week’s blogs come from one of our very own stellar summer staffers!  Rob M., “Mau Mau” has been with iD since 2007 and specializes in our web design and video game creation course.  He is hear to today to tell about a very unique program that iD offers…

Hey everyone its Mau Mau, iD Tech’s UCSD Surf and Tech instructor!

Basically, I wanted to use this moment on the iD Tech blog to share with everyone what I consider one of the most unique and fun courses offered here at iD Tech: Surf and Tech.

What is this mythical “Surf and Tech” you might ask? Often times when I tell someone that phrase, they envision the surf part meaning “surfing the interweb” or something like that, but trust me; its much, much better.

Basically, this is a hybrid “Sport and Tech” course offered exclusively at iD UCSD, where campers spend half the day learning how to “shred the nar” (also known as ‘Surf’) on the California coast with professional surfing instructors, and then come back to a computer lab in the afternoon to learn how to make either their very own Arcade-Style video game, or Professional HTML Website. Other fun stuff like Guitar Hero sessions, Ultimate Frisbee games, Online Gaming Tournaments will definitely ensue. Cool swag to take home with you includes your finished project burned onto a CD, a DVD video of your surfing experience and much more.

This combined experience is truly unique; iD Tech is the only camp in the nation that offers this unreal homogenization of activities. Nowhere else can you express both your inner jock and geek quite like this!

If you are from out of state or even country and want to experience surfing in California as well as create some excellent video games on a computer, iD UCSD offers both overnight stay and “Ultimate Gaming Weekends.” What this means is that if you are coming from abroad: you can stay multiple weeks surfing, creating video games and even spend the weekend just chilling out with other campers playing video games and other fun activities without having to go back home until its all over. (sadly!) Spend multiple weeks honing both your surfing and video game creation skills, or mix it up and try some of the other wicked courses that iD has to offer.

Exercise both your body and mind this summer. Enroll in the Surf and Tech program at iD UCSD today.

Hang Ten!

Mau Mau

  • Charlie

    Well put, Mau Mau! It looks like those kids have tons of fun!

  • AppleJax

    in my 5 years with iD, the one week I got to teach surf n VGC was by far the most fun I’ve ever had. The happiest campers ever!!

  • Sonic@Vassar

    Surf and tech sounds like sooooo much fun. I wish we had some water here we could go in, its looking at over 100 degrees in New York this week. ugh

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