Summer Springs into Fall

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The official first day of fall is September 22, but we’re already well into autumn in many respects. While running some errands last weekend, I noticed that there’s Halloween candy lining store shelves, and sometime toward the end of August, two Halloween superstores popped up within a 5-mile radius of my house. It seems that regardless of the season, we’re always prepping for the next big event – whether it’s a fun celebration like Halloween, or a new season of camp.

Staying on top of things – and well ahead of the curve – is part of what makes us the World’s #1 Tech Camp. Even as I write this blog, I’m receiving meeting requests to discuss the setup of our locations, courses, and options for the summer 2013 season.

If you think about it on a grander scale, practically everything we do is in preparation for something else in the future. We set aside funds for our kids to attend college.  We get on the waitlist for the iPhone® 5. We’ve got fully booked weekends by Monday night. Technology plays a big role in enabling our always-looking-forward mentality.

Whatever your planning style is, technology is here to support you. Here’s a fun Halloween countdown app (released in August), and a smart little college savings plan calculator to help plan well into your child’s future – that much more efficiently.

Don’t forget to make sure to schedule in some time to enjoy the last couple days of summer! After that, you can get ready for a slice of summer – in fall. As the weather begins to cool off, be sure to circle November 1 on your calendar (or have Siri do it for you). That’s our opening day for summer 2013 registrations. There’s a lot to be excited about, and you’ll be able to lock in your first choice of new courses, locations, and dates at that time. 41 days and counting…

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