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Summer Photography Camp Launched Nationwide

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iD Tech Camps is announcing a new course in digital photography for kids and teens ages 8-17 at twenty university locations across the country.

Campbell, CA (PRWEB) June 12, 2010 — Now in its 12th season, iD Tech Camps, the largest summer technology camp in North America for kids and teens, is offering a brand new course in Digital Photography.

Using high-quality Sony® ± (alpha) digital SLR cameras (models DSLR-A100 and DSLR-A300), the camp is offering Digital Photography at 20 locations in the United States and Canada. Sony’s innovative DSLR cameras make it easy to get the best shot and empower students to easily take creative, high-quality images. As a leader in digital imaging sensors and equipment, the DSLR line of cameras incorporate a range of high-performance features and auto focus lenses that let students capture breathtaking images on the university campuses where the camps are held. Students create portfolios centered around youth-oriented themes.

“We’re excited to have students as young as 10 years old immerse themselves in photography with Sony cameras.”

“We’re excited to have students as young as 10 years old immerse themselves in photography with Sony cameras,” said Pete Ingram-Cauchi, CEO of iD Tech Camps. “Our goal is to run the best technology camps using the best products. Sony’s cameras give us that opportunity.”

During the week-long summer camps, photography students will learn to master the camera’s high performance features while capturing amazing landscapes and professional-looking portraits, using the university campus as the backdrop. Students get hands-on experience with Sony’s high-quality DSLR camera, and ultimately leave the camp with a professional-looking photographic portfolio.

A curriculum development team of professional photographers has put the final touches on the camp’s curriculum, and the course will be debuted this summer.


iD Tech Camps is North America’s #1 provider of summer computer camps and technology camps for kids and teens with programs at 60 elite universities in the USA and Canada. Locations include Stanford and MIT. Established in 1999 in Silicon Valley, the company is family-owned and operated. iD Tech Camps offers technology courses including 3D Game Design, Digital Photography, 3D Game Modding, Maya®, Game Development, Programming in C++ and Java™, Programming iPhone® Apps, Robotics, Web Design, Flash® Animation, Graphic Arts and Video Editing. The summer camps consist of week-long day camps and sleep away camps, and multi-week teen academies. Courses are appropriate for beginner to advanced learners. The company teaches the latest technologies from Apple®, Adobe®, Microsoft®, Autodesk®, Sony®, Valve® and more.

  • Jeragon – SHU

    I am really looking forward to seeing this class in action. Every year I have been an instructor I have loved taking pictures with the kids. Now there is an entire course dedicated to it! Great idea and I hope it takes off!

  • Pete

    Jeragon, it is nice to see you so engaged. I think the Photography Camp will be a big hit. The photos I have already seen are amazing. Professional. Artistic. It is very cool! Inspire those kids!!

    -Pete, CEO, iD Tech Camps

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