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I recently interviewed one of our former campers who we have featured on our website.  He attended our computer camp for five seasons and is now gearing up for college.  His story is extraordinary - but one that is replicated in big and small examples each summer.

Whether you're contemplating joining a gym for the new year or signing up for an AP class in high school, several questions guide your decision. What will come of your effort? Will it be worth the time, energy and money? Questions like these plague parents and students on a daily basis. The fact of the matter is: we're driven by the prospect of attaining positive results. Paying that monthly gym membership fee is a lot easier when you're happy with your health and appearance as a result. Likewise, if a student passes his AP History exam with flying colors, that means potentially one less "boring" lower-division class in college - all those extra studying hours will have been worth it.

So when the question comes up of whether or not to attend iD summer computer camps, we're breaking it down using this same method. Kids and teens who attend iD see immediate positive results in a variety of areas including: increased confidence, exposure to new and exciting fields, preparedness for school and even college, making new friends in a social setting, and more.  Long-term results are even more impressive. The fact is that iD Tech Camps inspires students to reach beyond themselves and aspire to do something big. What students take away from their experience at one of our 60 prestigious locations is more than you can confine to a resume (although it definitely looks good on paper too).  We conducted a survey over the summer with our iD student alumni, and the results were incredible.  We found that 94% of former iD students go on to college.  94%.  That's significant.  We think our camps fulfill a fun, educational niche that many students just wouldn't get otherwise.

Take a look at Ian Cinnamon. He attended iD Tech Camps for five summers. When I caught up with him the other day, my jaw dropped when he told me what he'd been up to.

Excerpt from interview with Ian:


iD: How has attending iD Tech Camps inspired you?

Ian: At 15, I wrote Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius (McGraw-Hill, 2008), at 16, I became a programmer/developer for the Apple iPhone creating several applications including "Car Finder" which was recently featured in the New York Times. Last summer I led my Harvard-Westlake (Los Angeles) rocketry club to the national "Team America's Rocketry Challenge" competition and was recently approved by NASA as a government contractor for the Student Launch Initiative. I've also been involved in two UCLA science internships. The common denominator in all these activities is my love of programming and engineering which took root at iD Tech.

You can read more about Ian here.

Granted, Ian's results are quite extraordinary, but big things can be measured in small ways too.  Better grades.  Higher self esteem.  Even simple happiness.  iD Tech Camps inspires students to take what they learn at camp and apply it in countless ways to benefit them in the future.

Want to learn more about other iD Tech Camps Alumni and their accomplishments? Check out our Do Something Big page to be further inspired.

Start your own success story with us this summer.


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