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Summer Computer Camp at Rider University, CEO Site Visit, You’ve Been PWND!

students collaborating on coding project

Welcome to our Summer Computer Camp at Rider University! It was a blast seeing everyone. Check out some of the photos. I am sorry I didn’t get to meet our commuting campers–but there is always next time. Have a great Family Showcase tomorrow! You’ve been PWND!


Rider University Banner

The banner flies high at Rider U.


iD Tech Camps banner at Rider University

And so does this one.


Rider University summer camp instructors

Some of our awesome techies.


face of iD Tech Camps close up

Close up!


summer camp spirit

Summer Camp Spirit–Nice work guys and gals!


students at Rider University

I thank the gals for your feedback on our future curriculum!


student on campus Rider University

On Campus.


student on campus long hair covering eye

On campus with one eye hiding.


female student smiling

Camp is FUN, huh?!


young boy with big smile



summer camp instructor with big smile



female student up close

Close up!


Rider University summer camp counselors

Two of our favorite camp counselors…oh wait…


Pete and Diane golf cart

That’s me with Diane. She said she was licensed to drive the cart. I trusted her.


golf cart

But not for long. She got pushed aside.


Pete borrowing bike

Jon O. Sorry I had to take your bike. I am currently in 3rd at the Tour De Lawrenceville. See me on ESPN.


biking on college campus

Just kidding.


instructor portrait shot

Portrait shot!


student using camcorder

Digital Scavenger Hunt


student smiling wearing baseball cap

What up?


group of happy students with unhappy student

Someone isn’t smiling…


unhappy student finally smiling

Yes he IS!


kids playing Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii


Rider University computer lab

One of the Labs


Video Game created in Multimedia Fusion

Cool Video Game created in Multimedia Fusion


young girl smiling from behind computer screen



young boy video gamer

Not in our camp, but still a video gamer.


Sunset at Rider University



dusk on campus

Sundown at Rider


Waffle House logo

Why do they call it the Waffle House?


computer lab ceiling

One of our lab’s ceilings…really!


iD Tech Waffle Poster

iD Themed Waffle Posters–Creativity at its finest


3D Modeling Shape

3D Modeling with Maya


3D Modeling Toy Story Green Robot

3D Modeling with Maya


3D Modeling with Maya

3D Modeling with Maya


3D Modeler

3D Modeler


More 3D Modeling with Maya

3D Modeling with Maya


It was a blast seeing you all at our summer tech camp at Rider University! Thanks for showing me around. And, for the record, I arrived in New York last night, quite late, and I still had my blue PWND tape on me. Good stuff! Didn’t even realize it!

Have fun. Be safe!


  • Happy kids and wonderful camp!

  • Happy kids and wonderful camp!