Summer Camps 101 - Your Guide to Choosing the Right Camp

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Here's the scenario: It's almost summer, your child or teen wants to go to a summer camp (or you need to figure out what to do with them when school is out), and with all the options available you don't know where to start. Sound familiar? Choosing a summer camp can be difficult and with today's economy, choosing the right summer camp has gotten even harder. Read on to learn more about your summer camp options and to see what type of camp would be best for your child.

Day Camps vs. Overnight Camps

There is one simple difference when it comes to summer camps. Depending on your child's age and comfort-level with being away from home, day camps can provide the opportunity for kids and teens to socialize, learn new skills or play sports during the day, while getting picked up at the end of the day each day to return home.

Overnight camps provide a student the chance to learn independence in a supervised setting. Overnight camps are a great option for students who are comfortable with being away from home for one week or more.

Summer Camps on a University Campus

Some Academic, Sports, Arts and Technology camps team up with universities to provide camps in a collegiate environment. Students meet in university labs, eat in university dining halls, tour the campus and enjoy recreational time in university facilities. Plus, overnight campers stay right in the college dorms on campus.

iD Tech Camps chooses to hold its camps exclusively at prestigious university locations. By doing so, younger students are exposed to a college setting and begin thinking about their future at a young age. Teen students get the chance to explore a college campus that they may aspire to attend before applying or committing. Parents also find this choice enticing as college tours and activities on or near campus give students the chance to explore while learning!

Technology Summer Camps and Science Camps

These camps give students the chance to focus on a specific interest, such as video game design, programming, graphic arts, digital video production and photography, robotics and more. Sometimes tech camps focus on one specific class or element, while others offer a broader range of courses to meet the desires of the student. Oftentimes these summer computer camps have teamed up with industry-leading companies to provide students the chance to work with real-world products used by industry professionals.

Academic Summer Camps

These types of camps give students the chance to focus on one particular academic activity or skill and develop it over the length of the camp session. Many camps provide math, language arts, theater, photography or computer-focused areas of study. Cost can vary widely depending on materials used and length of camp. Some academic camps offer special Teen-Only options for older, more mature campers.

Art Summer Camps

Art camps offer students the chance to explore their artistic interests in a group setting outside of school. Kids sometimes focus on painting, drawing or the visual arts, while other camps provide the opportunity to learn more about computer-based design and graphic arts.

Sports Summer Camps

Great for kids and teens who want an outdoor camp experience! If your child wants to learn a new sport or improve their current skill level in soccer, swimming, football, hockey, basketball, or even bowling, there are sports camps available. Some camps even provide a sports element with an academic element to create a balanced atmosphere. iD Tech Camps offers hybrid courses like Sports & Tech or Surf & Tech. Students spend half the day learning a new sport or learning how to surf, and the other half creating their own video game or personalized website.

Religious-Specific Summer Camps

These camps often combine one or more of the elements above with instruction and time set aside for religious study. These are often run by local churches and sometimes have a community service element involved.

Special Needs Summer Camps

These camps create a summer camp environment for students who, due to physical, mental or emotional challenges, might not have the option to attend typical summer camps or activities. Staff are chosen with this in mind and activities can vary widely. Camper-to-staff ratios are lower to provide individualized attention and create an environment that is comfortable and appropriate for the campers needs.

Making the Final Decision

Whatever type of camp you choose, make sure it is one that puts your child's safety first and also one that has a track record for providing a quality summer camp experience year after year. Also explore student and parent testimonials from each camp and contact their client services team with any questions.

Whether you decide to attend iD Tech Camps this summer or another camp, make sure you are investing wisely in your child's future. Good luck, we hope to see you this summer!

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