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Summer Camp Staff Training in the New York Area

instructor helping student at computer tech camp

Training for our summer computer camps is in full swing. Staff trainings began last month and continue through mid June. I just got back from our staff training at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. We trained 150 of the country’s finest tech professionals. It was a great training session. This is an email that was forwarded to one of our Regional Managers. I am keeping the sender’s name confidential:

It was so nice to finally meet you this weekend. I just wanted to reiterate how impressed I was with the training. It really shows how much the company invests in their employees which is well beyond what I have experienced in the past. Everything we needed to learn was very well organized, concise and to the point. Breakfast was great, and it’s awesome to know you guys have a good sense of humor and are passionate about what you do.

Ok, so let’s recap training from the past weekend and show some pictures:

I took the red eye to Newark. I worked from Starbucks all day and figured out how to get to the Seton Hall, New Jersey Campus.

Yep, I arrived safely!

Training started nice and early. Ms. Kate was armed with her bagel and Starbucks.

Let the paperworkpalooza begin!

Check out Amelia extolling her wisdom on her new team of instructors.

As we walked to lunch, the clouds rolled in, the skies opened up. This is the most creative umbrella I’ve ever seen.

Later in the day, the sun came out again. The Seton Hall Campus in really beautiful.

Here are a couple of iD Tech’s finest. These are three of our Camp Directors.

Walking to lunch–all 150 of us!

Amelia and Josh in the dining hall!

Back at training doing in a “hands-on” teaching session.

Another picture of campus.

Soaking it all in!

A visit from Somer’s Uncle and beautiful baby Santo!

And we ended the final day with a trick on the summer camp staff! We intentionally short-changed the coffee and bagels and cream cheese. We had reinforcements and plenty of food and coffee, but they didn’t know it until the prank played itself out.

OK, our summer tech camps are now upon us! It was great to meet all the staff who will be fanning out across the country. Good luck to you fine group of guys and gals!

-Pete and the iD Team

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