In these tough times, we band together.

We’re offering premium online learning experiences right now, with pricing designed to stretch your family’s budget. For ages 7-19.

In these tough times, we band together.

We’re offering premium online learning experiences right now, with pricing designed to stretch your family’s budget. Ages 7-19.

iD Summer Camp Staff Retention: 65 Percent!

iD Tech in action

When you choose your child's summer camp, you want staff and instructors who are knowledgeable, caring, professionally-trained and FUN! As a family company, we place huge importance on hiring, training and retaining only the best staff. Other summer camps may boast these features in their summer staff, but few can say they have a staff return rate of 65 percent. iD Tech Camps can. This is the iD Difference.

iD Tech Camps recruits tech savvy, passionate staff from the nation's top institutions including UCLA, Princeton, Stanford, UT Austin, NYU & more!

Our goal is to ensure that every location is comprised of experienced, returning summer camp staff along with new individuals who bring a fresh perspective and energy to camp. Our staff knows that when they get to camp, they will be working alongside the best in the industry. We interview thousands of candidates each year - but only those applicants who meet our strict criteria are chosen. Next, staff are required to pass strict guidelines and attend in-person trainings. Much of the success of iD Tech Camps we attribute directly to our careful staff selection process and comprehensive training.

"Our hiring process is one of the most strict I've seen in the entire summer camp industry," said Kate DeHart, Human Resources Manager at iD Tech Camps. "We hire adult-only staff and we conduct criminal background checks, multiple reference checks and require valid CPR & First Aid certification and in-person training of our staff members. We work hard with risk management specialists to anticipate problems before they even arise. That's no small feat!"

A 65 percent summer camp staff return rate means our staff is committed to providing an amazing experience for your kids. Staff retention-like camper retention-means we're doing something right. How we teach is a big factor.

iD Tech Camps provides some of the best camper-to-instructor ratios, with an average of 6:1. The small class size allows campers the individual attention necessary to thrive in their chosen course(s) and the opportunity to complete an impressive project by the end of the week. Instructors then get the opportunity to bond with their campers and create lasting memories that encourage, inspire and drive campers to do something big with what they learn at camp. We have built our reputation on small ratios. Parents notice. Instructors are inspired. Students are engaged. The quality speaks for itself.

"Everything is really organized and it is obvious iD designs everything around fun and safety," said Bryan Campbell, an iD Tech Camps Director. "iD is incredibly supportive so it's reassuring knowing that the staff can reach someone at the iD office anytime 24/7."

We expect a lot out of our summer staff, therefore we pay them considerably more than other camps. Our staff appreciates the excellent work environment that we provide - high expectations, high pay, periodic evaluations, in-depth curriculum, teaching tools, clear processes and endless summer fun. We train our staff both in person and via the web, and evaluate them consistently. There are even surprise camp visits by the iD staff throughout the summer to ensure that our high standards are being met. By the time camp rolls around, the iD staff is motivated by excellent compensation, thorough training, small class sizes and the knowledge that they are inspiring students to do big things.

Our staff is pleased to work for a professional organization. They want to work for the best. If you choose one summer camp this season, make sure it's iD. Then sit back, relax and get ready for a summer with stellar instructors who make tech learning fun while enjoying their job. See you this summer!

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iD Tech is the world's #1 summer technology camp for kids and teens. We're in the business of providing unforgettable summer tech experiences and inspiring the next generation of coders, app developers, engineers, and innovators.

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